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[movies]007: The World is not Enough - FrenzyTheKillbot
The World Is Not Enough is a 2000 first-person shooter video game based on the James Bond film of the same name. The game was published by Electronic Arts and released for the Nintendo 64 and PlayStation console systems in 2000. The Nintendo 64 version was developed by Eurocom and the PlayStation version was developed by Black Ops. This game marks the fifth appearance of Pierce Brosnan's James Bond, the game included his likeness but not his voice...
Keywords: let's play; FrenzyTheKillbot; 007: The World is not Enough
Downloads: 1,142
[movies]Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles - Maxwell Adams
Original Archived Let's Play available at the Let's Play Archive
Keywords: let's play; Maxwell Adams; Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
Downloads: 1,139
[movies]The 7th Guest - Malorie
The 7th Guest was an early CD-ROM game for the PC, released in April 1993. I personally wouldn't consider it a 'horror game', but a creepy and atmospheric puzzle/adventure game. The gameplay generally involves exploring, finding clues, solving puzzles, being subjected to puns, and putting together the mystery of what happened in the mansion. Although it's a pretty famous title, I consider it greatly underappreciated...
Keywords: let's play; malorie; the 7th guest
Downloads: 9,147
[movies]The Bizarre Adventures of Woodruff and the Amazing Schibble of Azimuth - TwoDayLife
Hello all and welcome to my Let's Play of The Bizarre Adventures of Woodruff and the Amazing Schibble of Azimuth. Woodruff is an obscure Sierra adventure game made by Coktel Vision, the same company that made all the Goblins games. Woodruff has the same art style as the Goblins games, but gameplay-wise it's much different, as it has a lot of dialog. Puzzle-wise, though, Woodruff has the same type of insane and completely illogical puzzles that the Goblins games had...
Keywords: let's play; woodruff; twodaylife
Downloads: 690
[movies]The Chaos Engine - Attilla
The Chaos Engine, a top-down shoot 'em up set in a steampunk Victorian Britain and made by the Bitmap Brothers (who also made such games like the Xenon series, the Speedball series and the Z series). The main objective of the game is to fight your way through hordes of automata and mutants caused by The Chaos Engine's cloud of chaos and stop it. The systems it has been made for are at the very least the Amiga, Amiga CD32, Atari ST, MS-DOS, RISC OS, Sega Mega Drive/Genesis, SNES and the Mobile Ph...
Keywords: let's play; atilla; the chaos engine
Downloads: 1,329
[movies]The Dark Eye - CorvusMoore
In 1995 five works from Edger Allen Poe were adapted and combined into the story of The Dark Eye, a horror title made by a now defunct company known as inSCAPE. Little more than hot-spot triggering it quietly contains some absolutely marvellous voice acting and excellently used sound direction. Enjoy. Original Archived Let's Play available at the Let's Play Archive
Keywords: let's play; CorvusMoore; The Dark Eye
Downloads: 390
[movies]The Elder Scrolls V: Dawnguard - BarackObeezy
The Elder Scrolls V: Dawnguard is expansion-pack length DLC for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. In the game there are two factions fighting for control... of the sun. The Dawnguard -- which is led by the ferocious Isran, is on the hunt for vampires, most specifically the Volkihar clan, who want to block out the sun in order to freely feast upon their prey. BarackObeezy returns to commentating to join the Dawnguard and save Tamriel from certain destruction...
Keywords: the elder scrolls; skyrim; dawnguard; let's play; walkthrough; dawnguard
Downloads: 1,023
[movies]The Getaway - Haller
Video games during the first years of the 2000s were heavily influenced by gangster and organized crime based stories. When Grand Theft Auto 3 hit in 2001, these types of games and stories were given even more attention and fleshed out with more details. Enter The Getaway in 2002 in Europe and 2003 in the US. Developed by Team Soho, it was a game that had originally been planned to release with the initial release of the PS2 and was heavily compared (mostly less favorably) to another gangster ba...
Keywords: let's play; haller; the getaway
Downloads: 901
[movies]The King of Dragons - Agent Rush and Mini Rush
In 1991, Capcom released The King of Dragons, an arcade beat-em-up in which five generic fantasy warriors battle against the plans of Gildiss, the titular King of Dragons. It's a simple game, with only two buttons to use and many enemies of the "rush up and hit you" variety, but that helps to keep the action moving. Now, for your viewing pleasure, my brother Mini Rush and I present it to you. Original Archived Let's Play available at the Let's Play Archive
Keywords: let's play; Agent Rush and Mini Rush; The King of Dragons
Downloads: 435
[movies]The Saboteur - TyrantSabre
Pandemic Studios was a developer with a number of successful and high-profile titles to their name, including Full Spectrum Warrior and its sequel Ten Hammers, Star Wars: Battlefront and its sequel, and the first two games of the Destroy All Humans series. It's probably most associated, though, with the Mercenaries series, a pair of open-world games centering around explosions of exponentially greater scale and destruction untethered by the yoke of concepts like 'rules of engagement' or 'civilia...
Keywords: let's play; TyrantSabre; The Saboteur
Downloads: 1,375
[movies]The Suffering - Egomaniac
In this game we take on the role of Torque, a new deathrow inmate at Abbott State Penitentiary - an Alcatraz-esque prison on Carnate Island, ten miles off the coast of Maryland, who arrives just in time for an assault on the prison by a legion of horrifying monsters. Torque has been convicted of murdering his wife and children, and the truth about the killings and his past will be revealed during the course of the game...
Keywords: let's play; egomaniac; the suffering
Downloads: 1,303
[movies]The Third Birthday - Wethamster
On December 24, 2012, New York was torn apart by a strange organic structure that emerged from underground, which was later dubbed as "The Babel". Two years before, man-eating creatures called "The Twisted" had been sighted, but they mostly stayed underground and out-of-site until the Babel raised to the surface. After the Babel had raisen, masses of Twisted had started to attack and kill many people in the city...
Keywords: let's play; Wethamster; The Third Birthday
Downloads: 410
[movies]The Void - CannibalK9
Original Archived Let's Play available at the Let's Play Archive
Keywords: let's play; CannibalK9; The Void
Downloads: 1,845
[movies]The Warriors - dscruffy1
The Warriors is a 3D Brawler from Rockstar Games released in late 2005 for the PS2 and XBox systems. It's the 3D transition of the side-scrolling beat 'em up that Final Fight: Streetwise really should have been. The Warriors is based on a movie from 1979, which is in turn based on a book from 1965. The Warriors are a street gang based out of Coney Island, and the events of the game/movie cover their interactions with the other gangs of New York...
Keywords: let's play; dscruffy1; The Warriors
Downloads: 1,581
[movies]Thief II: The Metal Age - Bobbin Threadbare
Imagine you made a list of all the good things you wanted more of from Thief: The Dark Age and then also made a list of bad things you wanted to go away, at least for most of the time. Now imagine that the developers got your lists, and then built their next game around them, as well as tossing in a few new tricks they came up with on their own. Welcome to The Metal Age. While Thief 1 had issues stemming from "Garrett's profession is 'thief,' not 'adventuring archaeologist' and/or 'undead slaugh...
Keywords: let's play; Bobbin Threadbare; Thief II: The Metal Age
Downloads: 456
[movies]Time Gate: Knight's Chase - Coulis
Timegate: Knight's Chase, also called The secret of the templar in Europe, is one of the final adventure game made by Infogrames in 1995. It was developped by the (in)famous team responsible for the Alone in the Dark sequels and the Call of Cthulhu games (Prisoner of Ice and Shadow of the Comet). Developpers include writer Hubert Chardot(creator of The Devil Inside) and game designer Norbert Cellier(who later produced various games as Superman 64 or Arx Fatalis)...
Keywords: let's play; time gate: knight's chase; coulis
Downloads: 528
[movies]Time Lord - GuidoAnchovies
No, unfortunately this isn't a Dr. Who inspired game. In Time Lord, some aliens traveled to different parts of Earth's history to mess shit up and take the planet over. As a "Time Lord" it's supposed to be your job to go into these different time periods and find all the time orbs, and kick some ass. However, this game loves to fuck with the player. Many of the time orbs involve puzzles with very.....
Keywords: let's play; guidoanchovies; time lord
Downloads: 448
[movies]Timesplitters: Future Perfect - SuperGraffiti, MoominBiscuit
Timesplitters: Future Perfect (known as Vin Diesel VS. The Space Mutants in Europe,) released in 2005 by Free Radical Design and EA, is the third game in the Timesplitters series. The plot follows directly on from the end of Timesplitters 2 with Vin Diesel returning to Earth after defeating the Timesplitters so that he can defeat the Timesplitters again. This game is quite different from its predecessor...
Keywords: let's play; SuperGraffiti, MoominBiscuit; Timesplitters: Future Perfect
Downloads: 578
[movies]Titan Quest - Ceciltron & Just A Friend
Titan Quest is an action RPG developed by Iron Lore Entertainment. It was published and released by THQ on June 26, 2006 with an expansion, Immortal Throne on July 17, 2007. Though some will tell you it's a mere diablo clone, this is a skin deep comparison. It is a point and click hack and slash with masteries (classes) and bindable keys and such, but the story, graphics and mythological setting brings more to the table than any simple diablo knock-off...
Keywords: let's play; Ceciltron & Just A Friend; Titan Quest
Downloads: 700
[movies]Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 1-3 - Jamesman
In 1999, a little developer called Neversoft had a game published by a little company called Activision. That game was Tony Hawk's Pro Skater - An arcade-style skateboarding game featuring one of the biggest names of the sport (Well, several, actually). It proved to be very well received, and has not only spawned almost a dozen sequels and a handful of spinoffs, but helped bring skateboarding into the mainstream...
Keywords: let's play; jamesman; tony hawk's pro skater
Downloads: 2,845
[movies]Toonstruck - Nidoking
Toonstruck is a graphic adventure game from the late days of Windows 95, back when some games actually still ran natively in DOS. It probably would have languished in obscurity, like most games of its kind in that era, if not for a rather interesting concept. Instead of trying to make the bluescreen effects in its FMVs look realistic, Toonstruck simply placed its human main character in a cartoon world, using the limitations of the technology to its advantage...
Keywords: let's play; Nidoking; Toonstruck
Downloads: 1,094
[movies]Transformers: War for Cybertron - Coolguye and TheLastRoboKy
Transformers: War for Cybertron is a third person shooter released in 2010, to help kick off the new Aligned continuity that Hasbro has launched for the Transformers franchise. The game itself completely takes place on Cybertron, the homeworld of the Transformers, and features no whiny humans at all. The Autobots would not admit to being ecstatic about this development, but their constant merry drinking says more than enough there...
Keywords: let's play; Coolguye and TheLastRoboKy; Transformers: War for Cybertron
Downloads: 1,889
[movies]Trespasser - Research Indicates
An annotated and commentated playthrough of the game Jurassic Park: Trespasser, and its successes and failures. Original archived version available at the Let's Play Archive.
Keywords: Let's Play; Research Indicates; Trespasser
Downloads: 31,806 5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars(5 reviews)
[movies]True Crime: New York City - UnknownMercenary
Just as the Grand Theft Auto series was reaching new heights of popularity with GTA3 and Vice City, many imitators were released. One of them, True Crime: Streets of LA, was popular enough to warrant a sequel, this time set in New York. The game stars street thug turned police officer Marcus Reed, who must solve the murder of his mentor and fellow officer Terry Higgins, while keeping the streets of Manhattan safe from crime...
Keywords: let's play; UnknownMercenary; True Crime: New York City
Downloads: 750
[movies]Tryrush Deppy & Super Tempo - Robotnik DDS
In the late 1990s due to a combination of corporate incompetence and the mega-popularity of the Sony Playstation, the Sega Saturn was a failure in North America and Europe. In it's home country of Japan, however, the system thrived. During this strange mid-generation shift, two interesting platform games were released: Tryrush Deppy and Super Tempo. In Tryrush Deppy you play as an American taxicab in a cross country race from New York to L.A...
Keywords: let's play; robotnik dds; tryrush deppy; super tempo
Downloads: 527
[movies]Tyrian - cKnoor
Let's play Tyrian, properly for once. Tyrian is a computer game developed by World Tree Games and published in 1995 by Epic MegaGames. It's a straight forward top down shoot em up, and it's super loving awesome. WHich is the reason why I'm going to play through most of it. I had a really good op written here before, but then around episode 4 I hosed up so not the op is a gimp. I might fix this later, but not now...
Keywords: let's play; cknoor; tyrian
Downloads: 998
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